Lyndhurst Public School

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About our school

Vision Statement

At Lyndhurst Public School, we work in partnership to prepare students for bright futures. We strive to develop every child with the skills that they need to make a positive, empowered and meaningful contribution to the world.

School context

Lyndhurst Public School is situated on Wiradjuri land in Central West, NSW. Since its establishment in 1889, the Lyndhurst village community have been proud of the school's progress and achievements.

The school provides a dynamic and caring educational environment in which all students access quality educational programs within a varied and balanced curriculum. 

Our teaching staff are a great mix of early career and experienced teachers. We have a dedicated part-time Learning & Support Teacher, supported by an Instructional Leader, under the Early Action for Success Program. These positions support our whole school approach to continually improving the Literacy & Numeracy skills of all students.

Lyndhurst Public School is a proud member of the Cowra Small Schools Principal Network and connected to the Heritage Country Schools Sporting Community. These connections ensure that we are able to bring the best possible skills into our community and achieve great things together.